Matt dropped the wonderful animated music video in support of his track Thank you Baked Potato, at exactly 7pm on Thursday 2nd April as he appeared on the BBC’s One Show.

Just a week after sharing his re-recorded track on Twitter, Matt released a wonderful animated music video for Thank you Baked Potato at exactly 7pm on Thursday 2nd April, as he appeared on the BBC’s One Show.

A few weeks before Matt was watching the news and it was reported that people were still going out and “it was making me anxious as an asthmatic.”

The original Thank You Baked Potato Song was mentioned on Twitter and “it occurred to me in the moment to rewrite the lyrics,” he said, thinking that maybe 500 people would see it.

“Within about 48 hours it had had about three million views and it had started to gain momentum and people were doing their own versions of the song…it was becoming viral,” he said.

The animation was done by Scott Coello at who worked tirelessly to get it done in the shortest time. All proceeds from the track will go to Feed NHS.

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